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About Us ---- Why Astir Analytics

Our Mission- “By providing information, insight and results to marketing and sales professionals, we enable clients to make faster, more informed business decisions. We provide the right actionable information for greater business results.”

Our mission statement is indicative of our business philosophy. We live and breathe analytics; enabling us to provide our clients with the means to gather, organize and interpret the right data so they can grow. With the combination of our extensive experience in data analysis and unique expertise in marketing and sales, we are able to help clients exceed their goals. In conjunction with Astir IT Solutions and Astir Services LLC, Astir Analytics provides a comprehensive solution set for our clients.

Our Core Differentiators-

There are several core differentiators that set Astir Analytics apart from the competition.

Approach: We custom design our products and services to provide our clients with solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. These solutions are modular, incremental, and nimble.

Focus: Astir Analytics has a unique focus on marketing and sales organizations. We have an in-depth understanding of marketing and sales organizations; and our specialized solutions reflect the specific nuances and challenges these organizations face.

Solutions: Having a specialized business model enables our solutions to be strategically focused. We pour our experience and understanding of marketing and sales organization into our solutions. They are custom tailored to meet your specific needs and are results driven.

Framework: Our products and services are designed using a highly flexible framework. Our open architecture allows us to integrate our solutions with any system currently being used, either internal or a 3rd party. We can fully implement and manage our solutions, or train your internal teams so you can take full ownership.

An additional differentiator is our ability to work within an expanded scope that includes the services provided by Astir IT Solutions and Astir Services LLC.

Our approach- Our approach is straightforward. Astir Analytics follows proven discovery techniques to determine client needs, examine client performance, and optimize client processes. We then provide frameworks and solutions that enable continuous improvement of client operations. Most module we design, include advanced reporting and executive dashboards in order to provide in-depth, valuable and timely insight.

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