Why Astir Analytics

Helping Customers Leverage the Right Data
The Astir Analytics Mission

“By providing information, insight, and results to our customers, we enable them to make faster, more informed business decisions. We provide the right actionable intelligence for greater business results.”

Our mission statement is, in essence, our business philosophy. We live and breathe data analysis… and provide customers with the means to gather, organize, and interpret the right data. The combination of our extensive expertise in data analytics, and experience with cutting edge business intelligence tools, we enable customers to meet and exceed their business goals.

Our Core Differentiators

There are a number of different factors that set Astir Analytics apart from the competition.

Our Process:
We take a unique approach toward solving the business problems of our customers. We use a combination of traditional discovery techniques, and cutting edge implementation processes designed to optimize the services and solutions we provide customers. We work closely with our customers in order to help them understand their data needs, and custom develop a solution that fulfills their unique requirements. All of our business intelligence solutions are highly scalable, flexible, and quick to implement.
Our Focus:
Astir Analytics has a unique focus on business intelligence, data, and information management. We have an in-depth understanding of data analytics and reporting, which combined with our experience in cutting edge tools, allows us to offer unparalleled services and solutions. We are well versed in the specific challenges our customers face, and our offerings are custom tailored and results driven.
Our Solutions:
Having a specialized business model enables our services and solutions to be strategically focused. We pour our expertise in business intelligence, Big Data, and data/information management into the services we provide customers… so they reap the benefits of our extensive experience. We design each service and solution to the exact specifications of each customer, meeting their exact business and budgetary requirements.
Our Approach:
Our custom designed solutions utilize a highly flexible framework. We utilize an open architecture that allows us to integrate with any system currently being used; either internal or 3rd party. We design each customer solution to include the most cutting edge business intelligence and reporting tools; enabling in depth analyses, advanced reporting, and improved business decisions. We can fully implement and manage our solutions, as well as train your internal teams so you can take full ownership.