Customer Assessments and Share of Wallet

Gain Better Understanding of your Customers

Growing business with your existing customers can be as important, if not more so, than winning new business. Being able to understand and maintain customer relationships can be a difficult task… but with the right tools at your disposal, you can easily boost your bottom line.

Astir Analytics has developed a unique set of tools and services that can enable your business to better understand your customers and their specific needs. Our performance benchmarking solutions provide you with the ability to measure the performance of your customers over time using a detailed data collection tool that you customize. By collecting data at regular intervals, you can begin to put together an in-depth profile surrounding each of your customers; including their strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

The Astir Analytics performance benchmarking solutions will then enable you to measure each of your customers against one another… therefore, benchmarking the performance of each customer in context of their industry. This invaluable service offers a level of understanding into your customer relationships that few companies can ever achieve; and can be leveraged to improve those relationships in more than one way.

Our performance benchmarking solutions offer 3 main benefits:
  • Improved customer relationships: by measuring customer performance over time and against their competitors, your business gains unique knowledge that can be used to improve and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Analytics services: the analytics and reporting that is offered by this solution can be offered to your customers as a service. The actionable intelligence on customer performance: gaps, strengths, and weaknesses when compared to competitors can be invaluable to your customers, pinpointing exactly what they need to improve and focus on.
  • Field sales reports: the dashboards and reports generated by this solution include an auto-generated sales report. This report identifies the gaps and pain points of each customer, and matches them with the products and solutions your business offers. This report, which is automatically created in real time as customers provide data, can be put into the hands of your sales team for immediate, effective follow-ups.
Growing your business is critical, and although winning new business is important, growing your share of wallet with your existing customers is just as important. Astir Analytics has the unique services and solutions your business needs to improve and grow customer relationships.