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Retaining and growing your existing customer relationships has become increasingly important. The good news is that it is easier and more cost efficient to retain a customer that it is to acquire new ones. In fact, research has shown that it costs from 6 – 9 times more to win a new customer than it costs to grow an existing one.

Astir Analytics provides ways for clients to address their Share of Wallet. Since very few, if any, companies hold 100% of their customers allocated budget, it is very important to strategize on how to increase your current percentage. Even more importantly, you have to capitalize on this before your competition does. Astir Analytics has developed a diverse set of solutions designed to assist you in growing your Share of Wallet.

Astir Analytics Share of Wallet solutions enable you to benchmark your customers’ performance over time so you can see how they are doing in comparison to their goals. By monitoring and measuring their performance against both their goals and each other, you can gain the necessary insight to strengthen your relationships. Through our unique “Sales Loop” process, we can provide you with a custom roadmap designed to show how and where your products and services fit into your customers’ gaps. These roadmaps are generated in real time, and can be quickly put in the hands of your sales team.

Below is a partial list of the benefits of our Share of Wallet solutions:

  • Increased share of wallet
  • Increased revenue
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Strengthened customer relationships
  • Direct tie between marketing and sales
  • More informed decisions
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Astir Analytics works hand in hand with the other members of the Astir Family Companies (Astir IT Solutions, Astir Technologies, and Astir Services LLC) to offer an expanded set of customer solutions.

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