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Services ---- Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Today marketing professionals have the added challenge of demonstrating their organizational contribution. This is especially difficult given that, more often than not, marketing campaigns lack a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI.) Astir Analytics understands these challenges, and has developed a host of solutions designed specifically for marketing professionals.

Astir Analytics Marketing Analytics and Reporting services that provide you with uniform measurement methodologies for marketing campaigns. Using powerful analytics tools, Astir Analytics can quantify your marketing department contributions; from individual campaigns to collective department data.

Analytics and reporting is the cornerstone of all Astir Solutions. We have the expertise to help clients identify, gather, organize, clean, analyze and interpret data. We eat and breath data analysis, and our clients reap the benefits. We enable marketing professionals to identify what campaigns are working and which aren’t; resulting in more targeted approaches and more efficient use of resources. We enable marketing professionals to gauge and demonstrate success. In addition Astir Analytics works directly with Astir IT Solutions to develop client specific solutions for Marketing Analytics and Reporting.

Below is a partial list of the benefits our clients have achieved through our Marketing Analytics and Reporting solutions:

  • Identify appropriate data sources
  • Clean and organized data
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns
  • Measurement of campaign effectiveness
  • Quantification of marketing campaign production / contribution
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI)
  • More targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increased marketing campaign effectiveness through predictive analysis
  • More efficiency in resource usage
  • Reduced costs
  • More informed business decisions
  • Continuous improvement and innovation

Astir Analytics works hand in hand with the other members of the Astir Family Companies (Astir IT Solutions, Astir Technologies, and Astir Services LLC) to offer an expanded set of customer solutions.

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